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Corona Virus Updates

Hope is pleased to offer worship and Bible study in-person with guidelines and policies in place for social distancing. We are thankful for guidance from our governor that preserves the freedoms we enjoy. We also recognize that members of Hope, friends of the congregation, and potential guests may not be interested in attending in-person events at this time. For all who are not yet ready to join together, we are still going to do our best to serve you as well. On this website you will find links to our recorded worship services and Bible studies.

We hope that our website and the resources that we offer here might give you some hope and comfort. If you are just learning about Hope, please feel free to contact us and ask whatever questions you might have. We would love to share with everyone that no matter what happens now, our eternal welfare is secure because of what Jesus has done for us. Join us in-person or online to hear the good news.

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